Tuesday, June 10, 2014

FIFA World Cup 2014 - Hot South American Girls Calendar

FIFA 2014 World Cup Hot South American Girls Calendar 

FIFA world Cup 2014 is less than 2 Day away and all of the fans by now have reached with the 32 teams  while for the ones who have not done yet, or struggling to find a reason just take a look at some of the girls below which showcase what South America has to offer this summer. These girls below are hot enough as they are now on the Official FIFA Calender, football fans who so ever like big and these girls are big. This is a calendar shoot which was taken a 2 months  ago, featuring some  hot south american girls who are often seen in football stadiums around south american countries, showcasing their private parts for everyone to see. Not all of them are brazilian, some are from paraguay and some from other countries.

FIFA World Cup 2014 Official Girls Calendar

Before you get all excited about world cup and the girls, you need to know that Brazil is one of the top countries in terms of crimes, kidnapping the foreign tourists is pretty normal.Furthermore while you are in Brazil keep yourself safe not only from kidnappers but from the STDs. 

And last but not the least, two more hot girls without those logos.

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